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updated on July, 16, 2013

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Every Wednesday nights you can tango at
Restaurant Europa
30519 Pinetree road at the intersection of Lander Road and Chagrin Blvd circle
It's a Russian restaurant with impecable taste.
a lesson is at 7:00 @ $5 a person
Dancing from 8:00 to 11:00 @ Just purchase a drink at the bar @ $10 and you get in. You don't pay us.

The year 2013 has been a great year for tango at Tango Cleveland. In the past year we have brought GREAT instructors from Buenos Aires, Argentina, such as
Maxi Copello and Nadia Johnson
Ana Maria Schepira
Astrid Weiske from Berlin Germany
Maxi Gluzman
Jorge Torres
Monica Paz
Clay Nelson
Hernan and Daniela 2X
Joaquin Amenabar
and Beth Anne Osborn. WOW, that is a lot for one year.


at Restaurant Europa on
Wednesday, July 24 We have a guest DJ from Chicago, Ill.
Richard Miller. A great dancer and DJ who Beth Anne Osborn says, "He is a dream and very classy x1 adore him x."
and on Wednesday, July 31
Clay Nelson with Beth Anne Osborn will teach 360 degree turns taught to them by Gustavo Nevada. And, after the class, Beth Ann will DJ for the rest of the evening
The class starts promptly at 7:00 pm and costs $10 per person for 60 minutes.
Dancing is from 8:00 to 11:00 for the low cost of $10 a person which inclueds a free drink of either a house wine, coffee-tea, soda, or water.

Please tell your friends about Restaurant Europa 30519 Pinetree road at the Lander road, Chagrin Blvd circle in Pepper Pike, Oh.

At Alegria
Where the Argentine Tango, Milonga, and Vals are danced and taught.
Tim and Joanne Pogros teach the close embrace, Milonguero or Apilado style of tango to their students.
We also have brought many instructors from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Cleveland to help in good instruction. People like, Carlos Gavito, Milena Plebs, Ricardo Vidort, Robert Hauk, and many, many, more.

The Argentine Tango is a dance of Passion, grace, speed and intricate steps. It is intensely individualistic and improvisational. The music is derived from black African rhythms, the melodies of southern Italy, Cuba and the Andalusian Tango. The theme of tango is passion, emotion and longing. It is reflected in the somber strains of the bandoneon, an accordion like instrument that breathes and signs with the pining of a lost love. Born around 1880 in the River Plate Region, Tango is an exclusively urban phenomenon whos major development took place in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Initially only performed by amateurs, the tango was danced solely among men, who perfected their steps to impress the prostitutes at underground brothels. Women were included at the turn of the century, and the aristocracy embraced the dance in the late 1910s. 100 years since its birth, the tango is both the classic and modern form is again an integral part of Argentine culture, reclaimed by an older generation and discovered by the young.
Argentine Tango in Cleveland, Ohio
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